How Many Germs Are There In Your Carpet?

It is that time of year when everyone starts cleaning their house and household items. One thing that you might wanna clean before anything less should be your carpet. Do you have any idea on how many Carpet Germs you have on your carpet? The answer is probably a big no. Most of us do not realise just how many germs a Dirty Carpet holds inside. But you don’t have to think a lot as we are going to answer every question in this article. Here in this article, we will talk about the number of Carpet Germs, how they affect us and how many times you need Professional Carpet Cleaning in a year.

Carpet Is The Favorite Place For Bacterias And Germs

This is a fact and it is 100% true, our carpet is the best place for germs and bacteria to hide. For example, your carpet could be home to pollen, dead skin cells, dust and dirt etc. All of these things accumulate in your carpet and stay there for a long period of time. According to some studies it is estimated that your carpet could be home to 200,000 germ and bacteria per square inch. This is more than what you found on your toilet seat. Now you might have already started to understand how severe this problem can get. If any of these bacterias and germs make their way inside your body then, it can lead to severe illness. 

Keep in mind that the number of Germs On Carpet can be a lot higher due to heavy usage and less cleaning. If the carpet is in an office or a commercial place with lots of traffic then, the number of Germs On Carpet can be 5 times more. So, don’t forget to hire Carpet Steam Cleaning Services once or twice a year.

Problems Caused By Carpet Germs

We all know that the human body is fragile and we can get sick very easily. In addition to that, in our sick state, our immune system weakens by a big margin. If you come in contact with Carpet Germs then, you can get different kinds of illnesses. For example, fever, headache, stomachache. Nausea is just a few illnesses that you can contact. If the germs are rare and dangerous for you then, you might end with a lethal disease. You need to minimize Carpet Germs that you have on your carpet to protect yourself.

Ask The Help Of Professional Carpet Cleaners

To tackle such a severe problem, we do not recommend that you try to do it yourself. DIY methods and products can put your life at risk and it can have negative impacts. So, we suggest that you ask for the help of Professional Carpet Cleaners who are available at Carpet Cleaning Phillip. You can hire our experts for Carpet Cleaning Service and they can clean your carpet and remove all kinds of Carpet Germs. This way there is no need for you to take risks as you will not be doing anything, experts will take care of everything.

In addition to that, you can also hire Carpet Sanitization Service for your carpet. Carpet Sanitization is a great way to eliminate such dangerous Carpet Germs from your lovely carpets. You can take the help of the experts for this particular service and they will sanitize your carpet for you. So, we suggest that you always ask for the help of the professionals whenever you want to eliminate Carpet Germs. Professionals have access to the best products, methods, and technologies to tackle such problems in your place for you. In addition to this, they can also work faster speed and offer you high-quality at a minimal cost.